Company Overview

Powerway Alloy(Ticker: 601137)
Being a directing member of the IWCC and a member of theer technical committee, Powerway Alloy possesses a post-doctoral scientific research workstation, an authoritative laboratory accredited by Chinese government in the non-ferrous alloy industry, a research center of supporting joint engineering between national and the local teams. Relying on the powerful research capability, the company is committed to technological innovation in te new material and new energy industries, leading by industrial development and promoting modern progress.



The company is committed to the development, production and sale of high-performance and high-precision, non-ferrous alloy forms such as bar, wire, plate and strip, and the single-chip and multiple-chip series battery sheet and pack of photovoltaic new energy, devoting itself using a collaboration between industy and capital to create value.


Application Areas

The non-ferrous alloy materials developed by the company are widely applied in more than thirty different industries such as aerospace, high-speed rail, electronics, telecommunication, automobile, ship, engineering machine, precision mould, lead frame, household appliances and bathroom hardware, providing the premium foods for the modern industry. Moreover, the high-performance electronics of photovoltaic new energy made by the company provide the eco-friendly and clean new energy to society by the application in household, commerce and large power station.

  • Carrier Rocket
  • Aerospace and Aviation
  • High Speed Train
  • Electronic Telecommunication
  • Shipbuilding Industry
  • Automobile Manufacturing
  • Engineering Machinery
  • High-end Pens
  • Solar Power Stations
  • Household and Commercial Rooftop solar
  • Solar Power Stations
  • Household Rooftop solar

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