Vietnam Hanoi national university teachers and students to visit Boviet study

On June 21, 2016, Vietnam National University, Hanoi University of science teachers and students a 15 people in Ruan stated four doctor of philosophy lead down to Boviet visit, director of research and development Wu Zhonghan full accompanied by.
Wu always introduces the general situation of Boviet , the development of the situation, led us to visit the battery manufacturing plant, the production process of the battery plant in detail. Students said that through the visit to the battery workshop, further understanding of the solar photovoltaic industry, Wilt felt the leading position in the global solar technology. After a visit to the learning process, we have said that the trip is a good harvest, there are students who want to have the opportunity to join Wilt after graduation.
In this study tour in the process of communication, Dr. Nguyen stated said thank Boviet  company Wiltshire to natural science university students provides the exchange of visits of the opportunity, lets the student to advance understanding of the needs of the enterprise, hope in the future in terms of technology research and development, enterprise education has a more in-depth cooperation.